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December 2018 Letter from Parents Step Up President

December 13, 2018

Hello Everyone,

The holiday season is in full swing, and with that can come a lot of excitement, wonder, happiness and joy. But it also can bring on other feelings like loneliness, anxiety, depression and extreme stress. Regardless of what holidays your family observes or does not observe, please remember that life is not like the movies. Life is not perfect, even during the holidays. Sometimes there are situations beyond our control that hinder the holiday cheer we wish to embrace. Sometimes there are situations with in our control that can hinder it as well. If you or someone you know is struggling this time of year, please reach out for help. If you know someone is struggling, please reach out to them and remind them they are not alone. (Below you will find the links for more information and numbers to reach out to. Also, as always, feel free to reach out to us and we will help anyway we can.)

As parents and caregivers we need to remember what this time of year really is about. Our children do not need a ton of materialistic things that will end up in the trash or not used. What our children really need, and will ultimately benefit the most from, is our time and experiences with them. Take time this season to spend quality time with your family. Go on an adventure and do something together outside. Take the time to reconnect and build your relationships with your children. Sit down, turn off the electronics and talk to your children; learn something new about them and teach them something new about you they didn’t know. Tell your children stories about your fondest childhood memories, and most importantly, tell them that they are loved. These are all gifts of meaning and quality that will last a lifetime and cost nothing but your time.

As the year comes closer to an end, I like to reflect on how the past year has gone. For me and my family; we have had many ups and downs, many smiles and many tears, but most importantly we have learned and grown as a family. Our life is as imperfectly perfect as anyone else's, but I am proud of the love we have to fill our home and hearts and our desire to always try our hardest to be better people and to try to help leave a positive impact on those around us. I am especially proud of how we never give up. I am thankful for all I have learned and all the amazing people I met and experiences I have gotten this past year, and look forward to what is to come. I am still heartbroken that Parents Step Up was started because of a horrible event, but I am proud that Parents Step Up was our response and our way to try to help instead of us (and I mean everyone involved with Parents Step Up) sitting back and doing nothing. It is easier to hope someone else will take the lead and make changes but that does not help you be part of creating positive and long lasting change. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in Parents Step Up! Thank you to everyone who has used the resources we have provided! Thank you to every parent and caregiver who has taken the time to step up for the children they love! Thank you all for helping to build our community up and for the continued support of what we are trying to do!

I have two main things I want to convey this month; this holiday season:
1- Everyone is battling something we know nothing about so always be kind!
2- Make your presence a present!

Kim Crossland
President of Parents Step Up
Facebook: @parentsstepup.longmont

Links to more information on support services:




December 2018 Letter from Parents Step Up President
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