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Who is behind Parents Step Up?

Parents Step Up is a “parent movement” that was the grass root brainchild of Kim and Aaron Crossland. We have four children; our oldest is in collage and we have 3 children in Saint Vrain Valley School District public schools; in elementary, middle and high school. We moved to Longmont in 2016 from Aurora, Co. We have both been actively involved in our children’s education from since when they started preschool and will continue to be.

Kim Crossland

I am a stay at home mom and housewife. I have a long history of PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) involvement spanning over 11 years. While in Aurora; I worked with the school, district and city to get a school zone approved. I also worked with the district and schools to help improve school safety. After moving to Longmont, I took part in the Leadership Saint Vrain program during the 2016/2017 school year.

I have a passion for education and believe that knowledge is power.

I have said for years that what we need is a “parent revolution”, which I now call a "Parent Movement", and that true long lasting changes start at home. We need to empower, and support our fellow parents to help make the changes in this country we need. Parents Step Up is our way of helping to make that happen. Parents shouldn’t have to struggle so hard when looking for help and information. It is our goal to help provide one place for resources to help every parent in a wide variety of subjects and also help provide a positive, open and honest support system for parents in our communities.

The saying that it takes a village to raise kids is very true. It is time for our village to come together and help give our youth the best chance we can to succeed. It is time to step up and take back our country, take back our families and take back our communities! It is time for a Parent Movement!!!!!!

Aaron Crossland

(written by Kim)
Aaron Crossland is a father of four who has always been very active in their upbringing and their education. He is an IT Solutions Architect by trade and when he is not working for his job he enjoys spending time with his family and helping to run Parents Step Up.

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