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October Letter from PSU President

October 4, 2018

Hello Everyone,

With the arrival of October, I wanted to take a moment to give some updates on what Parents Step Up is up to, and just reach out to you all.

We are working on several projects, finishing up a few from last month, while also starting to cover a few new subjects. I try very hard to have new information up roughly every week. Sometimes life happens and I don’t reach that goal. But, the fact we are a total grassroots organization running for less than 4 months, I am proud of the information we have been able to provide so far and I am excited to see Parents Step Up growing.

What I really would like to address this month is the need and job we have as parents and caregivers to TALK TO OUR CHILDREN! This is the number one thing we can do to help our children and make sure their needs are being met. This is also the number one way that we can stay involved and know what is going on in our children’s lives. We need to remember that when we talk to our children we need to LISTEN to them. Do not listen to respond, but instead listen to learn and be receptive to what they have to say. We are the ones that can create a safe environment at home where our children can talk open, honestly, and without judgement. By creating this environment for our children we will ultimately be able to better help them, be better advocates for them while teaching them to be better advocates for themselves and we will get the opportunity to see our children for who, and what, they are. We cannot allow for fear, stigmas, or because a subject is hard to talk about to stop us from stepping up and talking to our children about all topics. When we talk to our children, if we notice they need help beyond what we can provide, we need to actively seek out the help for them. There is a ton of resources on this website to turn to, and I will continue to update those resources as I learn of more. If the first place you contact can not help, then contact another until you get the help you need. If you are having a hard time getting the help you need, reach out to me and I will do everything I can to help find the answers. Getting help is a sign of strength and not weakness, and we all need help at sometime. You are not alone on this hard journey of being a parent/caregiver, and you shouldn’t have to be.

I am not a professional in any area. I am just a parent who knows how it feels to need help and don’t know where to turn. I am just a parent trying my best to help other parents/caregivers to hopefully help improve the lives of our children. I am in NO WAY PERFECT. I am a mom of 4 kiddos and I strive everyday to be better than I was the day before and I NEVER GIVE UP, which is the best I can do. I have honestly learned so much already from Parents Step Up that I have been able to use within my own family; and I am excited to see what the future holds and what knowledge I can gain and share.

Remember, everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about so be kind to people. Knowledge is power and together we can all step up to support each other and create a better community and life for all children.

I hope everyone has a great October. Thank you for stepping up, never giving up and being the AMAZING parents and caregivers you are!!!!

Kim Crossland
President of Parents Step Up

October Letter from PSU President
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