Open Letter of Thanks to the Teachers

February 10, 2021

Dear Teachers,

For the past year you have had to navigate uncharted waters and with a compass that was being built as you went. You have had to learn new technology and how to transform your lesson plans to accommodate the new needs. Your job has always been hard even in the best of times and somehow you have made it seem easy even during these hard times. You have fought to make sure your students are being given the best they can from you and their education. You have cried at night worried about students falling behind and making sure you have done everything you can to stop that from happening. You have stayed awake worried about your students health, their families, if they have enough to eat and if they are safe. And although you have always done these things; this past year has brought these to a new meaning, a new understanding and a new level.

Teachers, you have selflessly put yourself on the front lines to help make sure our children grow and learn and succeed. You have made sure our children are being given the best you can give them. You have done more cleaning, sanitizing and making sure each student has their own supplies for every assignment then ever in your career, and you have done this all without a second thought; because you hold our children's safety to the highest regard. You have found a way to  keep students engaged and excited about school even when you didn’t have a chance to meet them in person yet.

Teachers, you are true HEROS! Our children, our community and our country could not succeed and continue to progress without the teachers who have given their heart to their profession and to our children. It is because of the amazing efforts of our educators that our children are not a year behind. It is because of the entire team from the Principals, to the counselors, the nurses, the administration, the front office, the paras and support staff, the bus drivers, the cafeteria workers, the custodians and everyone involved in our educational needs; that make it so our children can stay safe and continue to learn. You are all the heroes we have needed and you have not gone unseen!

Teachers, please know that your efforts, sacrifices and resilience have not gone unnoticed. You are appreciated and valued more than you probably realize. Sometimes; when a parent says “Thank you” to you, the reality is that those two words only scratch the surface of what the parent actually means. How can you properly thank someone who has helped your child grow so much; especially during a time when nothing in the world seems to make sense to them or seems normal?

Keep up the amazing work you do!

There is only one thing left for me to say… THANK YOU!!!!!

From the bottom of my heart…… THANK YOU!!!!


Kim Crossland - Mother of 4 - President and Founder of Parents Step Up

Open Letter of Thanks to the Teachers
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