Parents Involved in Education - Up Coming Events

This past Wednesday (10-17-18) I went to a meeting held by Parents Involved in Education. They hold meetings every month covering different subjects. This meeting was called "Learn How to Smile More". It covered the subjects of understanding suicide and mental health well being. I have covered these subjects previously and you can find that information on our website under the HEALTH tab . HOWEVER, I want to let everyone know about this program and encourage parents/caregivers to try to attend up coming meetings.

I have personally been to tons of different meetings and I have to be honest and say that this group of people are AMAZING! I walked in not knowing what to expect and immediately felt welcomed. They held the session mainly in Spanish, but had English translation for everything as well. The group of people that are taking their time to hold these meetings to help parents are truly kind, knowledgeable and care about helping people. Each person introduced themselves and what area they can help the most in and made it very clear to not hesitate to ask them questions or to go to them for help. It is very rare, in my opinion, to go to a meeting like this and feel that not only do they truly care and want to help you but that they make sure that you feel welcomed and are available to you. It gave me a great sense of support and community that you do not find everywhere.

THANK YOU to ALL the volunteers involved in Parents Involved in Education because you are all doing a wonderful job and helping many people. Keep up the great work and to all the Parents Step Up Community I encourage you to check out the calendar of events and try to attend at least one session.

One person can make a ripple in the ocean of change but a group of people can make a wave. Step up with me to help make a huge wave for positive change!
Thank you - Kim


Parents Involved in Education - Up Coming Events
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