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Reminders about drop off and pick up from school

Just a friendly reminder for all of us parents/caregivers as we drop off and pick up our children from school….

-We all are busy and have places to go and be, but that is not an excuse to think that we are above the rules and laws.

-Be sure to know and follow your child’s school’s rules and procedures for drop off and pick up. If you are unsure of what those are, ask the Principal or your child’s teacher for clarification.

-Be careful and watch for children around all schools and crosswalks; and remember that sometimes children can just run out without looking before they enter a street.

-Obey the speed limits and pay attention for school zones. Slow down and stay alert; the few extra seconds it will take you could be a matter of life or death for a child.

-Know where to park. Do not block driveways, crosswalks (marked and unmarked) or fire hydrants. If there is no open parking, where you ideally want to park, then take a moment to find a safe, legal and open space. Remember to be courteous to the neighbors that live around the schools.

-Remain calm and be respectful! Tensions can rise when people don’t follow laws and rules but we need to make an effort to remain calm and not lose our cool. We should not be screaming, cussing or in any other way intimidating fellow parents/caregivers especially when our children are around. We should be an example for our children and if we behave this way it sends the wrong message to them and can leave children feeling scared and unsafe.

-Give yourself plenty of time to get to the school to drop off/pick up your children. When we are in a rush we sometimes forget to put safety first.

-Remember that the safety of all children should be our top priority and, as such, we need to make the decision everyday to keep it the top priority.

-Keep in mind that sometimes children (especially younger ones) do not see or understand certain dangers; for example, when they are super excited after school and don’t see a car coming and just run to cross the street. We must pay attention for this.

-Teach your children how to properly and safely get to and from school, your vehicle, or the bus if they take one. Teach them basic safety rules and laws when it comes to being a good pedestrian. (I will provide some additional information on walking/biking to school in the near future) UPDATE: Please see the article "Information on Biking, Waking, Driving and Taking the City Bus to School" for more information from the city of Longmont.

-There is NEVER an excuse for making an unsafe environment around our schools! Let us all take the time and effort to keep all children safe. Remember to slow down, stay calm, be respectful, be alert and be patient.

Let’s all step up to help have a wonderful and safe school year! Thank you and I hope everyone had an amazing and safe first day!

Kim Crossland

Reminders about drop off and pick up from school
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