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WHAT is and WHY have Parents Step Up

Parents Step Up kicked off on March 1, 2018 with a Parent Movement event, in response to the student walkouts planned across the country for March 14th. The event created was to help unite parents, caregivers, and community members to show support for our students, and their concerns regarding school safety.

As the event came and went; my husband and I decided that this needs to be a real thing, a real movement and a real non profit organization; to help unite, empower and encourage parents, caregivers and community members to come together and help make the real changes our society and nation needs. Too often information that would help make parenting easier, which we all know it is hard enough to begin with, with or without support, is hard to find, or you are having to jump through hoops to get information on what to do that will be best for your children and how to help your children; in a wide variety of topics. Also too often, parents and caregivers feel alone in their battles and struggles; in reality you are not alone and so we want to help make a community where we can help each other with information and resources but also provide positive support for one another.

It is important to us and our mission, that we provide as accurate and honest information, not based on our personal views, but actual information from experts, research and from personal experiences; of all the people in the community involved. Parents Step Up is not a place for judgement but a place for support and honesty. We are a place where there is no such thing as a “taboo” subject because we believe in being open and honest about all topics.

Information and knowledge is power! So far, we have focused on educational related subjects; while we will still continue to include these subjects, we are ready to widen our sources for information.

We see a need for changes in our society. We see our children looking for more support, and to not just feel but also see that we will help make this country better for them. We know that things in this country will not change until voting adults step up at the polls and demand better from our elected officials. Things in this country will not change until the parents and caregivers step up and not only advocate better for their children but also show and teach their children how to better advocate for themselves. Things in this country will not change until we step up and help support each other instead of judging and looking down on others. Things in this country will not change until we step up as parents and caregivers and try to do what is best for our children every single day and try to better ourselves, as their parent or caregiver, each day. Things will not change by turning a blind eye and thinking things are everyone else’s responsibility or burying our heads in the sand and hoping the problems will just disappear. It is time for things to change and we all play a part in that!

Things will not change as long as we still say things like, “perfect parent”, “perfect child”, “not my child”, and “my child would never xyz.” There is no such thing as a “perfect parent or child” Instead of striving for perfection try to strive to better yourself and children each day. “My child would never or not my kid” are statements of turning a blind eye, not a realistic expectation and we all have to remember that part of growing up is making mistakes and learning from them. If we never let our kids stumble and fall they will never know how to get up, dust themselves off and continue to move forward.

This country is in need of change! And, Parents Step Up believes that true long lasting changes truly start at home and grows from there. It is time for us to take back our nation by taking back our families; doing better for our children, and taking back our communities!

We are capable of making the changes we need to make. We can not do it alone and need to all work together. Parents Step Up is going to do all we can to help with making positive and long lasting changes; with your help!

WHAT is and WHY have Parents Step Up
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