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Why be involved? By the PSU President

I have been the team captain of a MS Walk team for 15 years. My team is named the Westfall Walkers. I wrote the following on the way to the 2019 Colorado Springs, CO MS Walk.

As we head to the Springs for the MS Walk; I look around at our truck full of our children, one of their long time friends, Grandma and my husband driving, and I can’t help but smile. It makes my heart overflow with joy and pride to be able to say that our family has actively supported and have been involved in the MS Walk for 15 years. This is a huge milestone, a huge commitment and has left a huge impact on my family.

We started to participate in the walk in 2004 to honor and remember our Grandma Westfall. But; over the years, we have learned more about MS than I would have thought. We have been able to help instill in our children how to better advocate, raise awareness and help support a cause bigger than themselves. We have been able to show them how to be passionate about something and how to be proactive  in helping to make a positive change. Each step. Each mile. Each year. We help get closer to a cure for MS. We are part of something bigger than just us.

What I would like to say the most to everyone is that if you can find something; a cause, a volunteer opportunity or an organization you can be proud to support and be part of, then get your family together and put in the time to help make a positive difference in your community. You might be surprised by how much you will grow as a family by coming together for a common purpose and greater good. The lessons of compassion, giving back and and sense of pride you will gain knowing you are making a difference will be a positive and life changing experience that will help your family bond closer together.

Believe in something and get involved. Never stop stepping up for a better tomorrow.

-Kim Crossland

Parents Step Up President

Why be involved? By the PSU President
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