I had the honor to sit down with Michal Duffy (they/them); from Out Boulder County, to discuss Pride Month and local events. They have worked at Out Boulder County for about 4 years. They came out in college and they've had a passion for advocating for, and educating others about, LGBTQ inclusion since.

Q- When is Pride month?

A- Pride month is every June.

Q- What is Pride month?

A- Pride month is the recognition and celebration of the modern LGBTQ movement. What became Pride started as a demonstration, 1 year after the 1969 rebellion against state sanctioned violence against the LGBTQ community at the Stonewall Inn in New York. Now, it is a chance to bring everyone together once a year to celebrate who we are, to see and be seen and to fill up your cup for another year. It’s also an opportunity to bring attention to LGBTQ issues, contributions, and successes; as well as, an opportunity for the larger community to show support.

Q- What suggestions do you have for someone who will be attending their first Pride?

A- If this is your first Pride, wear whatever you want and let your inner spirit out. Pride is a place to be fully yourself and to embrace your self expression. Be prepared to embrace extravagant self expression. Make some noise. Come with an open mind; and keep in mind that people will be going all out, so leave your judgement at home. Above all else, spread the love and have fun!!!!

Q- What events will our local community be holding?

A- In the past Longmont Pride was in June and Boulder Pride was in September; however, this year we are combining efforts into one Boulder County Pride with events across the county. This year and going forward, we will host one Boulder County Pride celebration instead of the two separate city-based events.

From June 7-13th there will be many in person and virtual events for all ages. (Click the link below for all the details and information on events)

The list of events include:

6/7 - Rainbow Storytime & Pride Ponies

6/8 - LGBTQ ERG (Employee Resource Group) Mixer

6/9 - LGBTQ Family Planning Seminar & 50+ LGBTQ Mixer

6/10 - Drive-in Film Screening

6/11 - Queer Contenders (LGBTQ Video Game Tournament)

6/12 - Name and Gender Change Clinic & BIPOC Film Screening & Pride Vaccine Clinic (Johnson and Johnson Covid Shot will be available)

6/13 - Boulder County Pride Motorcades (Boulder, Longmont and Lafayette)


Q- Is there anything else you would like people to know?

A- Come to Pride to embrace and celebrate who you are and who your children are. Come to Pride with your children, and your family, to be comfortable around the LGBTQ community and also to help teach your children acceptance.

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