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Substance Abuse Resources and Rehab Information

Talking to Children and Teens About Drugs

Information is from drugreport.com. It covers various drugs and what they are; as well as, how to talk to your children about the harmful affects and saying no to drugs.


Teen Co-Occurring Disorders- Addiction Center

Teenagers battling addiction often struggle with other mental illnesses. Treating both conditions is crucial to long-term addiction recovery.


How To Prevent Teenage Drug Use and Abuse

In this article, we will take a closer look at the current teen drug use trends and how you can help your teen make positive choices as they go through their journey of maturity.


Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support Groups

Support groups for all types of addictions allow people to join together with others who share similar experiences, backgrounds, and struggles. Drug and alcohol substance abuse groups are helpful whether you are interested in a support group as a first step in your journey to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction or if you want to participate in a group to remain sober and help newer members.


Teen Drug Abuse and Addiction Information and Resource to get help - The Recovery Village 1-855-265-3689

Drug abuse can inflict severe — sometimes permanent — damage on your teen’s mind, body and future. Though drug use may begin casually, your teen may not realize that they risk addiction. If your child is abusing illicit substances, there is hope for recovery through treatment.


Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center

Substance Abuse and Suicide


Addiction Group - Addiction Resources for American Communities

Addiction is a complex and serious issue that affects all types of communities in the United States. While anyone can develop a substance use disorder (SUD), there are specific communities that are more susceptible than others. Certain cases require specialized care and treatment.


Addiction Group- Teen Drug Use and Addiction

Nearly two-thirds of teens have tried alcohol by the time they graduate high school. While many adolescents won't go on to become heavy users, the effects of teen drug and alcohol abuse can be long-term and severe.


Alcohol Rehab Help -

Alcohol Addiction: Effects, Mental Health, and Relapse Prevention


Alcohol Abuse and Mental Health


Green Mountain Treatment Center -

Drug Abuse and Parenting

Addiction Resources for Parents - https://www.greenmountaintreatmentcenter.com/resources/parents/

Student Mental Health

Addiction & Mental Health Resources for Students - https://www.graniterecoverycenters.com/resources/addiction-mental-health-resources-for-students

Denver Recovery Center -

The following link details the signs of various substances; as well as, how families can help their loved one find help, including a list of various support groups.


LGBTQ Alcoholism Addiction and Treatment - Rehab Spot 1-855-826-4464

Rehab Spot is a free web guide focused on educating people on all aspects of recovery: from selection of treatment center, to what you can expect during treatment, to entering back into a healthy and fulfilling life. Treatment professionals will use their knowledge to connect you to LGBTQ-sensitive facilities.
24/7 Free and Confidential Hotline 1-855-826-4464  https://www.rehabspot.com/alcohol/who-alcoholism-affects/lgbtq-community/

American Addiction Centers 1-888-930-1864

AAC provides a nationwide network of support for life in recovery. Alumni support one another through the ups and downs of a life in recovery, and the AAC alumni program hosts fun outings across the country, as well as regional and national events. Alumni coordinators regularly check in with alumni and our alumni concierge is available 24/7 for continued support. A monthly newsletter and online recovery resources are supplied, and there are opportunities to involve supportive family and friends in the recovery experience.

Admission Navigators available 24/7 to help 1-888-930-1864


This guide can help. Here, we will detail the options open to you, along with important questions you can ask before you settle on a specific provider.


Rates of substance abuse and addiction are higher among people on the LGBTQ spectrum than in other sectors of society. Thankfully, there are a number of facilities that offer services that are customized to meet the very special challenges people in this demographic face as they attempt to get sober. The best ones offer assistance with issues of abuse, trauma, stigmatization, violence, and harassment. They also connect people with peers who can understand them intimately.


In the simplest terms, drug addiction is the strong compulsion to get and use substances, even though a number of undesirable and dangerous consequences are likely to occur. Addiction has been described as a “medical disorder that affects the brain and changes behavior.”[1] Various substances including alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications, and even some over-the-counter medicines may fuel the development of an addiction.

DrugRehab.com 1-877-589-4784

DrugRehab.com is a web resource provided and funded by Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS). Since 2015, the website has provided researched, fact-based resources for free. Readers can learn about the risks of various substances, the latest approaches to treatment and real stories of recovery on DrugRehab.com.

24/7 Help Available 1-877-589-4784


Alcohol and drug abuse are among the leading risk factors for suicide. People with substance use disorders may experience hopelessness and suicidal thoughts, but treatment for addiction has helped people find purpose and happiness in life.


Drugs and alcohol have a greater effect on teens than on adults. The signs of addiction can be difficult to understand, and many adolescents don’t realize the long-term damage drugs have on their bodies because the short-term side effects fade. If you have questions about drug abuse or think that your teen has an addiction, help is available.

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

The cost of rehab can be expensive, which may discourage those in need of treatment. This doesn’t have to be the case. Those who are facing addiction, and their loved ones, have options to pay for addiction treatment.


Information on Options to Pay for Rehab/Financial Aid for Those Recovering from Addiction - lendedu.com

Below you will find information on some options to help pay for rehab.


Substance Abuse Resources and Rehab Information
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